I got back from Amsterdam lost my bag full of clothes, iPod and ipad but i ain’t arsed about that shit, its just materialistic shit that you can buy and replace so it doesn’t matter, that shit don’t matter, more to the point the most important thing i lost was a “friend” well at least i thought so. Friends talk to each other not shout and argue and get angry all the time. Sometimes you try your hardest to please people sometimes but they never grasp how much you do or appreciate them, they just treat u like shit all the time and they always will do no matter how much you try and do for them, they talk to you and look at you like shit, like if looks could kill she would have wanted me dead and buried 6 months ago, the same people that you care so much for will tear you down, where you just feel so shitty and bad, so whats the point in trying to be nice to people who just hate you in every shape and form weather it be drunk or just you? These are the people that are so indulged in pretending to like you they forget who they are. They forget that just being them is not whats intended, they need to be somebody get lost in the fact that they have that lifestyle people envy. But they get so caught up in trying to be a certain way that they get lost in realising who they are themselves. Sometimes it just means that that person has lost themselves and will never appreciate people who are there for them at anytime